What kinds Panel door should i Choosing?

What kinds Panel door should i Choosing?

Flat Panel  vs Raised panel
1.Flat panel interior doors have a simpler look with cleaner lines than the traditional raised panel look. Our flat panel designs are available in all the same configurations and material as our raised panel doors.


2.Raised panel doors  also called Stile & Rail Door .This style for internal use are currently formed on a very large scale for use as doors to internal rooms of dwelling houses, office suites, wardrobes.The advantage of Raised Panel doors is that outwardly they appear to have formed elevated panels in accordance with traditional paneled door construction, which are far more time consuming and costly to make。

To veiw Flat Panel and Raised panel Door Drawing

In short.the biggest difference from Flat Panel and raised panel wooden door is production engineering and  surface appearance . By the way,Appearance is easier to understand and contrast.  Surely, Raised Panel looks more attractive ,as it need more manual craft time also it is  expensive.

Here i would like to show two pictures for you understand conveniently.

panel wood door

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