Installation of Interior Doors

Installation of Interior  Doors

Step 1 Prepare and check
    1 Inspect outer package
    2 remove the package, and check whether all parts are provided
    3 Measure the door opening, and confirm it conforms to the product
    4 Inspect accessory box and count

Step 2 Installation of Door Frame
    1 Cut the two side frame borders into L +40mm(L is door leaf height)
    2 Install the side border and upper door holder with connection bolt, position pin
    3 Measure the filed angle with an angle square and ensure door frame is adjust well with wall.
   4 When the steps above are completed, cutting top end architrave into 45 degree to suit door frames well.
   (if needed)
   5 Cut the filler wedge in the length as required
   6 When the glue dries to a certain extent, stick the wedge to the slot

Step 3 Installation of Door leaf
   1 Fix one side of the hinge onto the door leaf with screws
   2 Place the door leaf into the door pocket and mark the place for the hinge slot
   3 Fix the door leaf with a wood screw onto the corresponding hinge slot
   4 In case of any doubt, adjust appropriately and complete the rest screws

Step 4 Installation of Lock
   1 Install lock fitting where appropriate of door leaves and fix it reliably with wood screws
   2 Pick the lock hole where confirmed
   3 Install lock box
   4 Confirm that the lock fittings be opened the closed freely