What is Wooden Armored Door?

Wooden Armored Door is security entry Door of building.The main feature is combining the advantages of traditional wooden doors with security door . It has the traditional warm and elegant wooden texture and appearance, Also with  variety of  modern and elegant style of personalized decorative design, It Can best meet the needs for home decoration higher requirements.

Wooden Armored Door structure:

wooden armored door

A.High Strength mild steel structure
B.U shape reinforcement
c.Structure of door leaf
D.Reinforced door frame.
E.Reinforced bolt bracket.
F.Wood decoration of door frame
G.Additional reinforced side bolt.
H.Medium density fabrice door panel with natural wood skin.
I.High definition eye-viewer
K.Premium security lockset
L.Reinforced Hinges
M.Internal honeycomb structure
N.Reinforced anti-theft structure
O.Acoustic Seal

Wooden Armored Door  from Nicedoor factory:

wooden armored doors

Carved Surface:

wooden armored door