How to choose the wooden doors?

    What the election should be noted when buy wooden doors,the appearance of the materials ?
     The first is quality, durable wooden doors to non-deformation, must undergo a rigorous selection of solid wood keel drying material (the requirements of the Beijing area of timber moisture 12%), the internal filler reasonable structure, in line with the principle of mechanical stress offset in order to ensure its surrounding environment, the climate under the influence of the appearance of deformation in the framework of the provisions.Good quality wooden doors should be through hot-pressing technology molding, solid wood edge banding machine Edge, sanding machine sanding formation, to ensure its flatness, firmly, and aesthetics.
     Followed by the price, as it relates to materials, paint, labor, processing technology, corporate profits and other factors affect the price, so the market price on the wooden door is a larger disparity .
     Whatever, Hope everyone could find the products or factory suitable.