PVC Doors 6 advantage VS 3 Shortcoming

 Currently on the market NO paint doors most is with PVC film  veneer doors. HDF thickness is 8mm, the internal structure of wood keel frame, the spacing of trees within the fill plug usually 100 - 150mm square. It is the molded wood composite door or gate the most out of the door with PVC film veneer made of vacuum processing.PVC  Door frame veneer for the same treatment. 
1, with wood texture, variety of color changes, more modern.
2, the product smooth surface, because there is no paint, will not emit toxic gases harmful to human health and environmental friendly.
3, a shape, without deformation. Short construction period, which can enjoy Completion Acceptance.
4, made with quality materials resistant to collision paint the door, not spontaneous, anti-moth, imitation tide, imitation rot, good maintenance,
 5, convenient construction, can be cut, can be sawed, planed, nailed.
6, reasonable price and good value for money. Urban and rural working-class decoration of choice.
Disadvantages: 1 is vulnerable to humidity,and air quality factors, so that the surface crack and deformation.
2, easy to scratch the surface of good repair, not full color, not glossy.
3, PVC film a long time easy to aging, low-grade