The advantage of PVC doors.

PVC door in china also called non-paint door,It means we do not need to paint. Compared to the wooden doors, PVC doors use PVC veneer instead of wood skin.And its surface using vacuum processing technology finished.Frame is the same with PVC film finish.

 PVC door has the following advantages:
 1.With wooden grain, variety of color changes, more modern design and personality to respond Environmental protection requirements.

2.Its surface smooth and bright.Paint-free,to avoid the dissemination of poisonous gas against the terrible consequences to human health after using the decorative paint.
3.short work cycle,quick delivery time
4.Advanced manufacturing processes, selection of high-quality raw materials to develop paint-free decorative materials, with a crash-resistant. No spontaneous combustion. Anti-moth-eaten. Moisture. Anti-corrosion. Drug-free. Tasteless. Pollution-free, etc advantage.
5.Simple installation, Good maintenance.

pvc doors

pvc doors