How to prevent deformation of wooden doors damp?

      Experts Answer: Generally speaking, high-quality wooden doors seal better, difficult to damp the deformation occurred, but said, depending on your situation, there should be some quality problems.
In general,Natural wood density during growth disparity in the processing and use of the process will quickly reduce the moisture content of such timber will gradually manifested stress in order to deform and crack the case. At the same time, pre-construction can also cause undue distortion, such as dry and not handled properly, back slot was so shallow that construction does not leave enough telescopic crevice door all give rise to distortion.
   As the wooden doors of the event of deformation is difficult to repair, so it is most important to pay attention and maintenance. Your doors are also likely to belong to deformation caused by poor door closed, you can use to protect wax or specialized cleaning agents evenly coated wooden surface, so that the surface to form a moisture-proof layer, which can effectively prevent moisture invasion, to prevent the door deformation. In addition, if the indoor humidity heavier, but also a timely manner, using ventilation fans, and fan ventilation is very effective approach.